150MC Assignment 1: Initial Thoughts

When I first got the brief on Assignment 1 last week, I thought……..I have no idea what i’m doing.

The assignment is put in place to locate our own work in this fast developing world of photography, one particular task is to answer the quote;

“Are you in harmony or in conflict within the social structure that you are a part of?”

This is one of those questions in life that are hard to answer, despite an immediate answer springing to mind, because do you decide based on your current situation or the way it’s played out in your entire life? And so I just complicate it by over-thinking it. I’ve decided to go with my current situation and embrace my differences to the vast majority of the young adults i’m surrounded by. For example, I drink Wine and my flatmates drink Beer or Sourz. I don’t drink heavily (well, not anymore) and most University students do. Lastly, I enjoy a good book and most people do not find trawling through old book shops as exciting as I do (except for my flatmate, she’s my book buddy). Most people laugh at others being different, but if you’re not harming anyone then obviously there’s no harm done!

Film Photographers that embrace the theme of social structure include Lewis Hine and Henri-Cartier Bresson.


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