Tasks A and B

One of these tasks was to photograph, using a film camera, a subject that could not be contained to a single frame. I chose Coventry’s old cathedral because you cannot represent such architecture and history in one photograph. I used a Mamiya RB67 and got some good shots out of it, one in particular that I enlarged as I managed to catch a living seen between a middle-aged couple.


For the other task, the objective was to photograph in order to pay homage to an object that mattered to myself. For this task I was determined to use my Holga 120 Twin Reflex film camera, but due to its basic functions and the back of the camera being slightly broken, I only managed to obtain 2 negatives out of two rolls of film. The enlargement below is one of the 2.


Needless to say, I am disappointed but I will learnt from it.

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