Encountering Culture: More Ideas and Inspiration

I have been thinking again and again about how to react to this task, where to even start!? I have zero creative energy at the minute.

So i’ve decided to take inspiration from others, one of those is Russian photographer Uldus Bakhtiozina, whose photographs challenge stereotypes with irony and staging of the photographs. Below is the short TED Talk she gave that inspired me to perhaps use irony and humour to give my photographs a more powerful response form the viewer. I enjoyed watching this video, she has an air of spontaneity about her and seems to relish in the unusual representation. I particularly like the Cindy Sherman style she has adopted in the first images she shows the audience in which she has dressed to represent or act as someone affected by Russian stereotypes.

Initial ideas that could relate to are my brothers collection of odd items such as a Pokemon card collection or my stereotypical need to get my eyebrows waxed often, despite the pain it causes me.

Another unrelated idea is that in order to photograph whether I fit into society or not, is to Photograph what makes me myself. My background. My inheritance from family members whether it be physical appearance or objects.


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