Assignment 1: Developing the Project

My initial idea of Stereotypes/British Stereotypes has become somewhat challenging due to the fact that my ideas are either impossible to plan and complete in the time I have, or are difficult to explain the concept behind it.

A new idea that’s crossed my mind, which could be included in my Stereotypes photographic research, is the idea of Feminist Photography and exploring the contradicting feelings I have towards the topic such as how my main belief is not widely accepted by society. I am not an anti-feminist but I believe the definition and the meaning behind feminism has been distorted over the years to mean something new. Feminism once meant equality between men and women but now it has been distorted in some groups to mean that women should oppress men and argue every point of male dominance. So I will include some images that represent the struggle of feminism in Britain’s culture, through the style of Uldus Bakhtiozina who once took this beautiful picture of herself in a brides dress wearing a mask to represent the belief that she is considered an ‘Old Bride’ in Russia as she is in her mid 20s and is not married.

©Uldus Temple

Desperate Romantics


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