Assignment 1: First set of Photographs

Since my previous post, the foundations of my Assignment 1 have completely changed. It became obvious after a meeting with Matt that my initial ideas of British stereotypes or Scars were not panning out, so i’ve decided to save Scars for a future project, whether it be for educational purposes or a personal project. So we discussed taking a more Stephen Shore approach, so I went on an excursion around the both pleasing and unpleasing areas of Coventry, exploring the architecture and banality of everyday life.

This study led me on to look at other photographers such as William Eggleston and Martin Parr, as well as reflecting on photographers I have already studied such as Chris Shaw. I saw ‘ Before And After Night Porter’ at Tate Britain and reviewed it positively as well as producing me own replications of his work.

Both Shore and Shaw (Haha) have displayed their works in black or white frames with handwriting below to explain the image. Whether this will influence my presentation is yet to be seen but so far I am leaning towards displaying my work in simple black or white thin frames, with a few choice words handwritten underneath as the example below shows (©Tate)


For the first set of images, I walked around Coventry areas I hardly knew to try and find interesting but mundane structures worth photographing such as a criss-cross structure opposite the Transport Museum and the blue-glassed swirl walkway next to it. This picture is of the walkway.


One of my favourite photographs that I took is this image of black wiring running up the wall which I think should be titled ‘The Vein of Society’ to show our dependance on electricity and technology.



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