Assignment 1: Research

My inspiration for the Assignment 1 has come from a number of research materials that have proved useful in deciding the levels of contrast in my photographs and how they will eventually be displayed.

Stephen Shore-

Uncommon Places has proved to be an unusually inspiring collection, unusual because beforehand I had considered it a a somewhat displeasing contribution to Photography. However, after taking photos in Shore’s style I have gained an appreciation for the satisfying feeling I received when exploring the area of Coventry that was previously unexplored by myself. I have begun to appreciate the controversial beauty of banal photography.

Chris Shaw-

Stephan Shore’s use of occasionally displaying his photographs with hand-written titles of explanations reminded me of the display style of photographer Chris Shaw. It reminded me specifically of his ‘Before and After Night Porter’ exhibition at the Tate Britain Gallery. I find Shaw’s use of high contrast, and displays in simple black frames, to be effective in displaying the everyday. Below is a link that’s proved useful on discovering the ideas behind Night Porter from Shaw himself.

William Eggleston-

Eggleston shares some strong similarities to Stephan Shore in that he too also photographs the ordinary. In an exhibition titled’ At War With The Obvious’ at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, he photographs the ordinary and banality of life yet still manages to make it interesting as the image below shows.

Eggleston_teaser ©Metropolitan Museum of Art



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