Assignment 1: Final Post

This assignment has been difficult as I have been unable to summon much creative energy for this title but have tried my best and been careful to not leave it to the last minute. The initial difficulty with ‘Encountering Culture’ was choosing an area of subject to focus on that I would be able to link to Photographers for inspiration, hence why my first idea of British Stereotypes did not work out. But my focusing on the art of mundane culture photography , I was able to explore my new Coventry home with a purpose and link to suitable photographers.

So I set about working on the concept of mundane and banal photography such as that by Shore and Eggleston. The things photographs weren’t necessarily consistent as I wanted to show to the spontaneity of Stephen Shore’s photography.

Below are the contact sheets I have been working from, one was shot specifically in Shore’s style

Shore%20Contactsand the other was shot for another project (British Stereotypes) in mind but still proved useful in giving an insight to the mundane of life, such as making tea or organising a room in a particularly dull style.


Below is a diagram of how I would like the photos to be presented.

The struggle was that I had 10 images but the orientation of the images weren’t split equally, it was 4 portrait and 6 landscape images, therefore I had to come up with a complex display style. This was achieved through the layout above which creates complexity of the ordinary mundane life. I also quite like this display form because it produces different shapes and shape can prove to be an effective method of ensuring the viewers eyes follow the photographs.

Here are a few enlargements of a few images:



When I photographed for this project, I had the ideas in mind of the ordinary being photographed to evoke interest in peculiarity or confusing, this would in turn create interest by the viewers to look further into the image and therefore its meaning. This was crucial as one of the most important aspects of displaying Photography or any Art form is to ensure maximum viewing of the work. I hope this is what I have achieved in some form.

As I prepare to hand my assignment in, I feel a mix of satisfaction and slight disappointment. I am satisfied with some of my images and found studying Shore’s style to have been more inspirational than first thought. I’m also happy with some initial responses by peers, who have viewed my work with positive curiosity.  My disappointment is that the presentation was a constant struggle both in and out of the darkroom when it came to frame sizes and printing images to be able to fit in the frame. I feel that this work doesn’t quite reflect my true abilities in analogue photography but I hope the feedback from this will be a learning curve.



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