151MC Assignment

This module consists of two parts. Part 1:

The Body of Work (60%)
  • Ageing population
  • International culture across UK
  • Agriculture
  • Rural Life
  • City Regeneration
  • Ownership and Property

The idea is to choose a title and explore it whilst creating a project proposal, research and development and a blog booker summary. The work can be presented as a series of images (No number restriction) with accompanying sound and/or film. To prepare myself, I have started reading Photography Beyond Technique by Tom Persinger (2014) to get into the creative feel and understand todays modern photographic practices, beliefs and also have narrative can be important. Narrative photography is important to myself as I believe more often than not that Photography requires a narrative, a utilitarian purpose .

In this book Persinger comments on the use of narrative Photography “A mysterious 19th century gure began appearing in the images, giving the work a narrative quality it had lacked. It was this human element that kept me interested and kept me working.” using an 19th-century outdoor photoshoot as an example. Copyright © 2014. Taylor and Francis. All rights reserved.

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