151MC : Initial Ideas

I have been toying with 2 of the titles for this Assignment, Agriculture or Ageing People.

My arguments for studying the title Agriculture are:

  • Relates to my personal life of living a typical country life in Hertfordshire as well as my family history of farmers on my paternal side.
  • I watched an interesting episode of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, which featured a story about food wastage due to wonky vegetables being throw away. I thought a scene that showed a astonishingly large pile of imperfect parsnips was intriguing as it perfectly presented the extent of food wastage. This could be presented well with both film and images.
  • I like Roy Tyson’s work (Roy’s Little People)

My arguments for studying the title of Ageing People are:

  • I am in love Simon Biswas’s project The Light of Day which features film, still and audio.
  • I have a love of photography with a purpose or a narrative, this could provide a new insight into the lives of those who are elderly or not quite pensioners.
  • I have already thought of some interview questions to ask to provide the audio such as “What were your fears about growing old?” and “what do you think about your future?”.
  • Present it as a video with a photo book of stills and transcripts.
  • I don’t want to just present the typical stereotypes about the elderly, but also to fight them.

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