151MC: The Facts

Before launching myself into this assignment I wanted to fully explore the subject of Ageing People by looking at the statistics.

I started of going through Age UK to the Human Development Reports to find out some general information. What I founds is as follows:

Population ages 65 and older =11.04  (out of 63.14)

Dependency ratio, old age (65 and older) = 28.11
Median age (years) = 40.5
Internet users (% of population) =87.02
I believe the facts and figures will be helpful in providing a motivational purpose that will help shape the project elements such as the interview questions and how the subject is portrayed.
A commentary post by Age Uk on the findings of the reports
“The report makes the case that successful human development relies on continuing to support people throughout their lives, with particular attention to ‘sensitive times’ such as during the transition to old age.”
Toby Porter, Director of HelpAge International, added:
“We all have a stake in ageing.”
Another notable element of Age UK’s blog/article response to the reports is it’s assessment that “Vulnerability come’s in many forms

“Older people are vulnerable because they are more susceptible to a mix of health conditions and disabilities. If left unmanaged, these conditions can leave individuals unable to continue working, caring for grandchildren or contributing to communities.Many older people also experience discrimination that stops them from continuing with their jobs, and a lack of social protection; both of which can have a negative impact on their wider families too. Vulnerability can be compounded, for example if a person is both older and has a disability, or experiences both gender and age discrimination. In many cases, it is the environment that a person lives in that presents barriers to full participation, rather than any real inability to do so. The HDR recognises that it is the responsibility of ‘state, community and global institutions’ to ‘empower and protect people’.”


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