151mc: Building up the Plan

So far I have selected a title, Ageing People and have assessed some facts whilst studying various films/photographs taken that relate to the topic. I have been influenced by my own findings as well as that from a ‘Digital Opportunities’ lecture on the 20/01/15 in which we viewed ‘Friends for Life’, a moving story of enduring friendship. The lecture allowed us to be both positive and critical of the films we watched, ultimately agreeing to disagree on what makes a good short documentary film.

This lecture, along with tutorials, has inspired me to carefully plan this topic and question my motivation. As of yet, a direct line of purpose behind my project hasn’t been established but I am interested in a Digital Divide or fear of ageing route. The second option could allow me to broaden the age range, explore the idea of ageing from multiple levels. When I discussed this issue with my lecturer, he suggested I put my worries aside and just go for it, I agreed as I believe I will find the root purpose of this project along the way. He suggested I only record and photograph 2 people for now.

To prepare for this module I have learnt how to use the film option on my camera, started exploring Adobe Premier and organised a test shoot with my granddad. I am also going to explore how to record the audio for the interviews.

Here are my plans from the sketchpad, they show roughly how I plan to create this project and what issues I faced.

Line of option and Issues plan Light of Day and plan


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