151MC: Email Communication with Age UK

As part of my investigation into the title ‘Ageing Population’, I have been looking into the video form to present my work. As well as looking at Simon Biswas’s video ‘The Light of Day’ I have also been looking at video advertisements from Age UK. These videos include ‘Love Later Life’ and ‘Once We Were Young’, both contrastingly different by equally effective. The first uses a more sharper filming technique and features subjects of all ages, whereas the second one uses a more amateur filming style. Intrigued at Age UK’s use of video advertisement and it’s powerful ability to raise emotions in it’s viewers, I emailed the Senior Media Officer RE: Ageing Population Questions – Carys Fyson The PDF attached shows the questions I posed and the media officers reply. Thanks to this email, I was able to learn about the new ways we are reaching out on the topic of ageing and the elderly. Thanks to this email exchange, I can consider how the advancement of technology has impacted the way we advertise certain subjects and this may lead to further investigation into the #NotByMySelfie trend.


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