151MC: Project Explanation

I feel like there is a lot of confusion in my mind about the my project for this module so I am going to lay out my ideas in this blog so I can finally be conclusive as to my aims and objectives.

Project title: Ageing Population

Plan: My plan is to present images, video and audio of my subjects and present it in the form of both a video and a small book that will include a few of the images presented as well as quotes from the audio transcript.  The ages of my subjects will range from 15-80 to get a more broader view. Basically speaking, I will construct a video of my subjects using video/photographs of them simply sitting in their own comfortable environment and then interviewed with my set interview questions (Maybe the odd spontantious question). The process of the shooting for this project will be completed in that order so the topics of the interview  do not interfere with the natural photographs/videos taken.

Aims/Objectives: The topic of these forms of media will be my subjects individual and personal reflections on their life as they age. The ages of my subjects will range from 15-80 to get a more broader view of the ageing process which is reflected through their life stories and personal opinions. My overall aim of this project is to tackle the difficult topic of ageing in our present generation through the real life stories and opinions of people living in the now. A side aim is that perhaps to use this in the future to create a response that represents the future of ageing.

Outcome: My intention for the outcomes is for people to view my work and see how we all respond to these questions of ageing differently, I want my audience to consider their own responses as I feel one of the most important aspects of Photography/Art is it’s relation and reaction to the viewer. I want them to look at what is being asked and how my subjects have responded so the viewer can either agree or disagree with those responses and actually take part in the ongoing difficulty of the ageing topic in todays world.

Inspirations: My inspirations and main sources of resources are

The Light of Day- Simon Biswas

Love Later Life and Once We Were Young- Age UK

Friends For Life – Talking Eyes Media

Ageing in America – Media Storm

Digital Opportunities Lecture on 20/01/15

The Light of Day- Simon Biswas

Love Later Life and Once We Were Young- Age UK


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