151MC: Feedback

On Friday 13th of Feb (Ironically) we had a feedback session that lasted a majority of the day, this involved us all setting out our work and walking round observing others work then giving feedback on a feedback sheet. The feedback I received was largely positive and surprisingly helpful, one student singled out a particular thumbnail she liked and why she liked it; This has assured its place in the final piece. Other feedback has praised the use of my combination of video and photographs as they seem to accompany the audio well. Some critical feedback included my lack of research as well as some initial confusion over the project concept, I will work on this feedback by bringing together more research to produce a collection of inspirations to show how and what has influenced me in my research. I will also aim to make my concept more clearly by working on the project proposal and eventually creating a ‘Context for Audience’ sheet. One bit of feedback noted my camera works was a little shaky and I should consider re-shooting but considering the time it takes to do this and re-edit the video, it will be impossible or unnecessarily stressful to do so and I rather like the effect of a more relaxed atmosphere it creates, it adds an element of reality to the video.


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