151MC: First 2 Shoots

So far I have only worked with 2 subjects for my project so far, this will be followed by 2 more on 18/02/15 and then a following 3 the next week.

My first thought when I decided to work with narratives in my theme Ageing Population, was to contact my grandfather who has a particular flare for telling interesting stories about his life. I decided that I would record him for around 3 minutes whilst he did whatever he pleased on his couch in his own home. This environment gives a greater sense of personal connection between subject and audience as they gain a sense of identity through his possessions as well as his appearance and stories. The filming has been noted in my feedback (see previous feedback post) as a bit shaky but I argue that a video shooting of a professional fashion stereotypes the project as an advertisement, which loses some of it’s sense of a personal emotion. Afterwards I photographed him in exactly the same area of his house but as we conversed during the photoshoot, I was able to get a variety of images; some serious, others humours and even a few pictures of Bryan with his guitar. I saved the interview for last, asking all the questions in my set interview questions as well as one extra.

My shoot with my Joanne (My Mother) went in the same order, the shoot also taking place on her couch as it’s in a lovely naturally lit area. I found with these two shoots that there are some similarities between my Granddads and my Mothers visual responses to the recording of a video.

Below are a few contacts of the best shots.

ContactSheet-001 Larger Contact sheet 2 Larger Contact Sheet 4 Larger Contact Sheet

And here is a PDF of the interview questions I will ask to all my participants.

151MC Interview Questions


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