151MC: Film and Photography Connections

A few people have questioned my reasoning as to why I am creating a project that combines both moving image, still image and audio, but I feel that these two aren’t so different in their purposes and I believe they compliment each other well. To support this theory I have studied ‘The Image in Dispute- Art and Cinematography in the Age of Photography’ edited by Dudley Andrew.

this book opens with a quote from W.J.T Mitchell’s Iconology:

“What are we to make of this contest between the interest’s of verbal and pictorial representation? I propose that we historicise it, and treat it, not as a matter for peaceful settlement under the terms of some all-embracing theory of signs, but as a struggle that carries the fundamental contradictions of our culture into the heart of theoretical discourse itself.”

What I feel Mitchell has effectively said in this powerful statement is that the combination of the medias should not be forcefully associated together but should instead be thought of as separate forms that’s theoretical differences should be combined to represent an advancement in culture. This is an interesting statement to open with, one i’m not to sure I believe in but is a consideration.

The book goes on to say:

” These two developements are, to be sure, not unrelated, as both are linked decisively to a particular notion of picturing that deploys spatial, temporal, and narrative fragmentation at the level of the individual material unit to produced a unity at the level of the series or combination.”

From what I interpret, this is saying that moving and still image both have purposes to explore through those mediums such as the exploration of narrative and spatial awareness. This is why I believe that film and photography share a unique paring in that their objectives are similar. I wanted to bring together these ways of communications to create the narrative exploration of personal stories in my project.


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