151MC: Motivations and Influences

I stick by my decisions to use audio, still and moving image. I firmly believe in the power of combining audio, video, photography and even text. ‘Smoke’ is a 1994 film written by Paul Auster, in the film a storeowner explains his hobby to his customer, this hobby is photographing the same scene 7 days a week at exactly the same time. When the customer doesn’t understand the store owners mania at these very similar looking images, the storeowner tells him:

“You’ll never get it unless you slow down….they’re all the same, but each one is different from every other one”

This quote I feel helps to explain the power of the subjects individual stories, as they are just that….individuals. The viewer may share some common experiences with the subject but they will never be the same to the exact detail, so they are still different from each other. Roland Barthes beautifully states in Camera Lucinda:

“In Photography I can never deny that the thing has been there. There is a superimposition here: of reality and of the past”

And that is again another motivation and ambition for me, to record these people in my project. They capture a hint of time and this could lead to a future project that reflects on it and updates it to it’s current time by re-creating the project wight the same subjects.


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