151MC: Final Summary Video

Alongside my 6 videos of the individual subjects, there will be one final video displayed on the screens in the centre of the exhibition. This final video will act as summary video, or even a trailer, representing the 6 other videos. The video will include an introduction of the participants and snippets of their individual interviews, almost taking what the they are saying out of context to create curiosity and a hint of drama. Surprisingly, this final video has been so difficult to make due to not exactly knowing how to structure it so I have “winged” it and made a few versions to test and try out. An idea of my own that I particularly like is the idea of the introduction of the participants introducing themselves one after the other. Below was my first original plan of how I wanted to present the video. I used a standard timeline form just to simplify things, went through the individual videos and chose times in the videos that I thought would create that mysterious and out of context viewpoint for the audience. Summary video planSummary Video Plan

The final video looked good in the end, it was pretty much identical to my plan and it was short yet effective. The only difference is at the end of the video i’ve included a plan of the exhibition, where it shows which room is assigned to which video. This is explained in my previous post with links to the videos on YouTube.

Here’s how the video is structured on Premier to give each participant an introduction and a quote out of context to intrigue viewers:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 13.00.23

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