151MC: Ageing Population Evaluation

(This is the extended version) I came to the idea of creating this project through the original research of Ageing Population. I wanted to find significant Photographic works of the elderly and so looked at Tom Hussey’s ‘Reflections’ or Karen Bretch’s ‘The Myth of Sexual Loss’. On my simple Google searches I can across ‘The Light of Day’ by Simon Biswas and it blew me away, it was so emotional and well executed that I immediately new I wanted to undertake a similar project, but I didn’t want to simply replicate Simon’s work but make it my own through various setting, organisation and theme changes; I included a variety of ages, made the video/photograph settings more personal and asked interview questions on a number of topics including ageing and technology. Regrets/Issues: I didn’t manage to record my 16 year old cousin for the project, out timetables clashed and it wasn’t possible to use her as a subject in the end. This was a shame as I originally planned to interview her as she would have been perfect to give a young teenage view on the topics explored, particularly the influence of media on ageing and the use of technology with the younger generation. An issue with the project is when recording with the Edirol for Dave Hammond’s video, the Edirol had some kind of fault with the recorder or microphone where it recorded his voice on one side, the left hand side has come out louder but it should be equal with the rest. Upon discovering this I corrected the issue in time for Ben Fyson’s interview by getting him to hold his microphone in a tilted position. If I was to re-do or suggest any improvements to myself it would be to not be afraid to re-shoot aspects of the project, as ignoring the sound issue with Dave’s audio has been more hassle than it’s worth. I’d also think about making the project more accessible through the use of interactive media websites. Outcomes/Objectives From this project, I want to achieve an emotional yet informative into the insight of my subjects lives which will hopefully allow a  connection between subject and viewer as they compare and contrast in personal lives, ambitions and opinions on the topics of ageing worries and future ambitions. In the words of Susan Sontag:

“The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality, and eventually in one’s own” – Susan Sontag

A future ambition would be to actually exhibit this work and then create a reflective set of videos, like a response to the original, that provides updated views of the subjects to one day be exhibited too. Final Thoughts: Overal, I am happy in myself with this project. I have fulfilled an ambition to create such a video and think that it is as close to my dream video project as I can currently achieve. A lot of people have been surprised at my lack of photographic prints or not having spent any money on this project but I think thats a good thing as it’s not physically the same as anybody else’s project and it is positively my own work, where I explore more than one medium and use it to my advantage of covering lot’s of different topics and bases. Looking back that a collection of prints would have been nice, or a book made from quotes alongside the images but I don’t want it to be too cliche like Humans of New York. Another thing is, I didn’t quite stick fully to the plan of having images of peoples items but in the end it didn’t matter too much because the archive images filled those spaces, I just feel maybe my videos are a bit inconsistent. My project has it’s imperfections, I know it won’t be to ever viewers taste but I do not regret taking it on at all.


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