151MC: Research Undertaken

Research: This initial research involved the study of other Photographers/Artists/Videographers who have created projects relevant to the elderly or the topic of ageing. During my research I found Photographers such as Karen Brett, Adam Goldberg and Tom Hussey. I also found my main inspiration which was Simon Biswas’s video ‘The Light of Day’ (https://vimeo.com/14465466), this inspired me to pursue a more personal project that has a narrative to it. We also looked at Friends For Life and Ageing In America during a Digital Opportunities lecture, in which we viewed these films and discusses preferences on video transitions, inclusion of images vs video and subtitles. We offered our opinion on what makes an effective video and decided on a slow transition of both images and video, minus subtitles as it’s distracting.

For exhibition research, I have been influenced by the IMMA during a recent trip to Dublin. I have also read Exhibiting Photography: A Practical Guide To Choosing A Space, Displaying Your Work, And Everything In Between by S, Read to ensure I understand the decision of exhibiting in a gallery. This book was a huge help in understanding the complexity of galleries and how to create an effective exhibition which will be very helpful in the future.


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