152MC: Working With Life

I am very excited about this module as it is seemingly limitless and requires some theoretical reading, which is also exciting as I enjoy pondering the questions and theories of life. Details about the module:

  • Themes: The Punctum of Life/ Nashville Narratives/ Atomisation/ The Book/ The Photobook
  • Processing and skill of identifying and refining our own subjects
  • Produces a series of still life images
  • Produce a portrait or set of portraits
  • Produce a landscape or set of landscapes
  • Produce an interior or series of interior images

When I hear about the idea of using narratives and exploring different types of photography I instantly set about researching for photographers new to me and photographers I remembered from previous works. For my research method, I looked up narrative photography books on Coventry’s Locate website and also took inspiration from Pinterest. Three Photographers that came specifically to mind were Dina Goldstein, Tim Walker and Gregory Crewdson. Goldstein and Walker both deal with surrealist themes such as Dollhouse photography, a topic I have always been dying to explore. Crewdson touches on my other obsessions, voyeurism and cinematography. The two books I have taken out so far are In a Lonely Place by Crewdson and Phototextualities (again) by Alex Hughes and Andrea Noble. Crewdson book has made some fantastic points about his work that will be beneficial to mine, if I do choose a similar path. Aspects of Crewdson’s work is the use of artificial lighting that creates an atmosphere to the images.This will be useful as lighting is an important aspect I will be learning about in this module.

“Crewdson became aware early on of the power of light as a way to transform everyday life into something mysterious and suggestive”

Gregory Crewdson also works with landscapes and portraits in his images, two more aspects of the module we will be working with.

“The setting is central to all of Crewdson’s work, in which the landscape plays a key role.”

I love how psychological his work can be interpreted and also how his work can be linked to a wide variety of persons in the Art and Media industry such as Hitchcock, Hopper, Friedlander and Eggleston. In his work, Crewdson deals with

  • Aesthetic Awareness
  • Intersections of theatrical and reality
  • Narrative in a single image
  • Psychological realism
  • Establisment through light
  • Framing and voyeurism
  • Lighting as a narrative code

and I love how he is inspired by movies, which moves me to questions a motive of my own. Shall I be influenced alone by movies to inspire narrative or shall I explore my love of literature instead? or shall I explore both movies and novels?  It’s an interesting question as I can easily be influenced by The Rocky Horror Picture Show as I can be by Susan Hills novel  The Woman in Black.

Burnett, C. with Rasmussen, J. E., Felix Hoffmann ; texts by Gregory Crewdson (2011) Gregory Crewdson: In a Lonely Place. United States: Abrams.

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