154MC: East Winds Film Review #1

A Record Of Sweet Murder

My initial thoughts, before viewing this film were uncertain, as I had had little knowledge of the Asian film industry. All I knew was that Asian films had a particular taste for horror theme and evidently this would apply to this film just by reading its title. I refrained from any online research beforehand so as not to ruin the plotline that might distort any preconceived judgements.

In this film, journalist Soyeon arranges to meet her childhood friend Sangjoon, who has murdered 25 people and since escaped from the hospital he was admitted to. Soyeon brings along her Japanese cameraman, Tashiro. Once meeting on the 5th floor of an abandoned apartment block, Sangjoon explains that the murders are part of a plan that God is voicing inside his mind. This plan revolves around striking coincidences such as an article spelling out a date and time to murder a honeymooning couple, this will supposedly conclude with Soyeon and Sangjoon’s childhood friend being brought back to life after being tragically killed as a child. A serious of dramatic events follow where the interview is interrupted by the predicted arrival of a Japanese couple, who have romantically decided to visit the grimy apartment complex whilst on their honeymoon. An element of communication issues is introduced as Sangjoon speaks Korean only and has to ask Soyeon to translate Japanese; this seems pointless to us as an English audience as we were receiving translated subtitles anyway.

Sangjoon attempts to kill them as part of the plan. However the couple’s ability to fight back, through the power of love and distraction through a quite frankly unneeded sex scene that adds little to the narrative, comes as a surprise and soon every character is embroiled in a bloody fight to survive. Ultimately one by one each character is killed in a bloody fight until only Sangjoon is left as he appeals to God that his prophecy has been fulfilled, only then for a mysterious spaghetti-like creature to appear the from sky and knock the camera into a parallel world where Sangjoon, Soyeon and childhood friend Yoonjin are on their way to a cinema.

As far as plot goes, the film progresses at a steady pace despite the violence that soon takes place, some might find this a bit dull as in todays age we are used to violent scenes coupling with fast action; but others might feel slower pace created more suspense. An interesting fact about this movie is that it was filmed in the found footage camera style and the cameraman was actually played by the director himself. Nothing like a literal hands-on director to ensure everything goes just the way he wants.

My final thoughts on this movie are confused, there are far too many elements of this film than I can remember, let alone write about. It was almost too complicated, some elements of the narrative had little purpose and I think the film would have been stronger without a majority of it. I also felt rather ill at the end, be warned if you’re not a blood/violent fan.



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