154MC: Response To Self

Becoming a university student has been a huge move forward for me, it’s the beginning of a new independent life, which has come with its fair share of worries and weaknesses that I have overcome and those that I am still working to overcome. A big step forward and a personal highlight has been learning to use a range of film cameras, develop the film and enlarge the images in our fantastic darkroom. It has been a huge learning curve that I enjoyed working on, especially for 150mc, as before university I had so little knowledge of the subject and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to grasp it, but I did and I hope to continue film photography as I believe it to be an important practise but also a dying one in the world of photography as a business as well as a form of photographic education.

Another transition difference between Secondary school and University that I have learnt to overcome is the independence, I have so much independence at university and I am trusted with my own learning. This was relatively new to me as I’ve often relied on the assistance of teachers to prompt me onwards, although in terms of my Photography classes I was relatively independent due to differences of opinion between myself and my two teachers. That itself is also something I’ve had to deal with, accepting the opinion of others despite artistic clashes. Generally I think I have become largely independent in my work, I feel strangely free at times but still struggle occasionally to continue on in some areas without strong hints to spur me on, such as photographer names and advice on presentation. This is something I need to work on with my lecturer. I hope that my newfound independence has paid off and will continue to do so.

A point in my ‘Letter to Self’ that I raised in the beginning was my pessimism as I have always struggled to stand out in the crown and show that I have the capabilities to show off new skills and show I belong at University. I have had an almost complete turn around; I have learnt new skills that I am confident that with a bit more work, I can confidently say I can use these skills effectively. I believe I am beginning to create works that stand out from others and I’m no longer worried about whether University is for me because it’s undeniable that I am enjoying University life and work. An additional note from my ‘Letter to Self’ was to keep my old skills going as well as learning new ones, which has not exactly gone to plan. I haven’t taken language lessons yet but I’m trying to learn on my own for now, I haven’t used database skills either as I haven’t needed to yet but hopefully I will do soon. Luckily I have learnt new skills such as InDesign, Premiere Pro, Sketchup and Auto CAD which will all prove useful in the future of my chosen profession, whether it be a professional photographer or a photography teacher.

I just want to end this post by saying; I love my course and my course mates. I love life.


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