152MC: First Photoshoot Test

After a suggestion from my lecturer to use colour film, I decided to go ahead and experiment with it using an old Canon EOS 300 film camera gifted to me from my grandfather. This was such an amazing camera for me as it combines to uniqueness of a film camera with the benefits of digital aspects that creates ease when using it.


My first Photoshoot was difficult before it even began, the camera needed new batteries and 35mm film with an ISO of 400 so once that was all bought and ready we had to try and load the film.ah. The Canon has an automatic winding system I had to get to grips with first as we had no idea how far we were meant to load the film and in the end had to get Gramps to help. Thank god for his generation.

With finally done and dusted, I set about experimenting with the camera during the day and the night so I could get a feel for the cameras functions. It is strangely hard to use a camera, that is so close to being a SLR, and not look at the non-existing digital screen.

I used up two rolls of film in the end, I’ll admit to taking some personal photographs on those rolls too. As I type this, I am currently waiting on Boots to develop the film by Saturday so fingers crossed that I haven’t fucked it up big time.


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