152MC: First Film Photos

YAY the film and photos have been processed.

I have to say, a majority of the images came out better than expected and I was able to get quite a few useful photographs. Below are two examples of my favourite images, taken in my hometown of Welwyn in Hertfordshire. (Left) Charity shop and (Right)

[Untitled]-10 [Untitled]-9

I really like these two images because the charity shop image is so dark and sad, almost giving an emotional story behind the objects displayed. The Barbers Room is (to come)

These other two images below demonstrate the reasonable success of the shoot, I think I have been able to capture the same mysterious night-time atmosphere with these highly saturated and almost foggy images.

[Untitled]-7 [Untitled]-8

I think the image on the right (above) bears a resemblance to an image of Hido’s from the ‘Homes at Night’ – ‘Houses’ collection on the official Todd Hido website. You can see the use of orange light shining through the windows indicates there is human presence, however mine does not narrow down exactly where in the house that presence lies as it is evident through close inspection that my image has lights on in almost every room of the house that aren’t necessarily being used and have open curtains, unlike Hido’s traditional images of closed curtains such as below.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 14.50.47

However, this could be an excellent way to give an indication as to the human emotion within this home; it could indicate their insecurity against the unknown that the darkness of night brings.



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