152MC: Scanning and Photoshopping

THE SCANNER ACTUALLY WORKED! (With help from the wonderful Jon)

I was finally able to scan and view my first set of film images, I was pleasantly surprised at how they came out in the scanner and now have a strong sense of positivity towards the future of this project.

I decided to scan in my favourite images and edit them through Photoshop, using tools such as Highlights/Shadows, Auto Tone and Colour Balance to bring a little detail out in the photos and rid any too strong colour or adjust it to a more natural colour. Below are comparisons of the original scanned image and the edit. The edits below are originals (right) and edited (left)


The hardest to edit was the Church image, when it scanned in a blue tint appeared and required numerous fiddling with colour, contrast and highlights/shadows to correct and even then I need further reassurance on the image itself. (original right, edited left)


I think Photoshop editing might be the way forward, I just have to convince myself to take a step away from following Todd Hido’s work too closely. I also need to think about consistency when editing my photos as it could effect the outcome of the appearance of my book.


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