152MC: Planning Shoots

Sometimes, life calls for spontaneity.

But sometimes it doesn’t and you need to plan. This is one of those times, i’ve done 2 unplanned shoots and it has had a success range between reasonably well and bit of a disaster. Now it’s time for some series effort and planning before I loose my mind.

So far, I have begun the stages of writing out a timetable plan that notes down certain tasks I need to complete per day. I have only got so far in the plan.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 16.50.40

Secondly, I have circled areas on a map of coventry that show areas of interest to photograph (Or areas I have already photographed).

Map of places

These Coventry areas include:

  • The Transport Museum (Great lighting)
  • Train Station
  • Liberty Living (Might as well, seeing as I live there!)
  • Access Storage
  • Bramble Street (Rows of houses)
  • Hillfields Road (More rows of houses)
  • Coventry University (Obvious choice)
  • GreyFrias Lane (There’s a cool tunnel there)
  • Coventry Cathedral (Obvious I know, but come on it’s so cool!)

I know most photographers find their goals in being spontaneous, but I find it in being certain and secure. As secure as one can be in Coventry at night.


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