152MC: Book Designing

I had a brief moment of happiness when I found out I had the opportunity to use InDesign again! InDesign is such a pivotal tool provided by Adobe to create web pages, booklets, magazines and leaflets for professional purposes.

I immediately set about familiarising myself with the programme as I hadn’t actively used it since my Add+Vantage classes in Term 1. What was evident when I started initial designing and planning was that most of my images are of landscape orientation, with a few in portrait orientation. So I decided to view various landscape photo books through Vimeo channels such as https://vimeo.com/photobookshow, however most of these landscape-themed books is that they are often A3 sized and so showing the images off (with the allowance of a white border) is easier than it will be for my A5 sized photobook. SO I decided to take inspiration from elsewhere.

I found through research on my favourite artistic site, Pinterest, that I have another option to best show off my landscapes in A5 style; by creating the book in a landscape orientation.

Below here is an example of what I mean:


and as shown in the example image, I would like to use the simple Japanese stab binding.

I’ve already had a look at some tutorials (such as below) and am excited to get started, but also terrified as I have stubby fingers and an inability to use needles and thread.



Leon, M. (2012) Bookbinding Instructions #3 | English Drawings on WordPress.com. Available at: https://merchesico.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/bookbinding-instructions-3/ (Accessed: 24 April 2015)


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