152MC: 3rd Nightshoot


This photoshoot has to be the best night photoshoot i’ve done, I used the right film and ensured a combined use of the tripod and self timer for stability, reducing the risk of camera shake.

To help my nervousness of photographing at night, which has effected photo-taking skills, I brought along my “muscle” and fellow photographer, Alex Taylor to look after me and guide me. Thank you darling!

I photographed other houses and streets around his home area, keeping an eye out for bright street lights and homes with lights on that have vivid colour to them. I also photographed some interior that shows a human presence, but not a strong sense of one as people are absent from the images.

What has become evident as I scan these images in, is the scratches and speckles showing up on the scans. Some I am able to wipe away on the negatives before the scans but it appears that those that don’t are lens scratches that are visually undetectable when I look at the lens. I will have to do my best to Photoshop them out as I don’t feel they add to the images.

Here is an image produced that is one of my personal favourites

Untitled 6 (3rd shoot) edit

Untitled 17

All images will be edited on Photoshop to remove any scratches or areas that ruin the simplicity and intensions of the images. The images have had various tweaks done to them, such as Shadows/Highlights, Contracts, Filters and Colour Balance. These tools weren’t all used on every image, just the right amount of the ones needed in order to achieve the effect of mysterious but harmonious night time photography.


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