152MC: Editing and Sequencing

This part of the bookmaking process is not for the stubborn, which I can be! But it has definitely been a learning curve that I will remember in the future.

To edit down my choice of final images and start sequencing, I really wanted the help and advice from someone who has done this before and been in the same place as me so I asked Alex to help. Together we took large prints of each image and laid them out, discussed the purpose of the project and then set about editing it down. In the end I decided to remove the interior images as they didn’t actually add anything to the project in the end, it’s a hard thing to do to have to remove images you worked hard for but a necessary process which I don’t regret in hindsight. The next step was to remove any replicant images, such as images that look alike. I personally hated this as I love a bit of repetition but luckily I have plant of images left to create a book from.

This process left me with 11 images. 1 needed a bit of cropping (Untitled_9) but other than that we we’re both happy with the final images. Then we wrote down the sequence the images should be ordered in the book. The images start with a lighter tone to them and progressively get darker, to represent the night slowly falling and plunging us into darkness except for the bright lights of hope from our homes and streetlights that give an indication of human presence, but not a physical human in sight to interfere with the narrative of the night. Below is a slide show of the resulting sequencing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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