152MC: 2nd Shoot, Failed Attempt

So in my blogs I have noticeably jumped from 1st nightshoot to 3rd nightshoot and the reason for this is the 2nd shoot was a failure! My fault as I had forgot to buy 400 ISO film and thought I could “wing it” with 200 ISO but I was wrong as these 3 scans of my printed images show. I did use a tripod and self-timer but it just couldn’t outweigh the film issue.

The first one is okay, it just lacked the detail and strong quality to be included in the book.


The second had a similar problem, the image isn’t entirely focused and so has a slight blur that brings down the quality.


The last is just awful. Strong green that shouldn’t be there, grain and too dark.

I have learnt not to leave film photography to hope and chance, but to really consider the film being used and the camera settings in order to achieve the quality I want.



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