Work Experience Day 4

As the title suggests, today is day 4 of work experience at Tapestry.

This morning was boring for me as I couldn’t do anything til my product set was put back up (Thank you/Sorry for taking up your time Adam!) and I could indulge in a new hobby of mine, archiving coins! This is due to my love for a box of old coins that belonged to my grandfather, these will hopefully be used in a project soon as I am thinking of creating a personal archive with them and using a few shots for my re-do of 152MC.

I photographed about 4 out of the 5 coins I brought in (one of them not pictured)  and whilst shooting I played with a programme called Capture One which is a more professional programme that Photographers use if they require less editing or advanced simpleness as I like to call it. The coins are listed below.

  • 2 Francs (French)
  • 5 Ptas (Spanish)
  • 3 pence (English)
  • Churchill coin
  • George v coin

For this shoot I used one soft box and a Canon 5D connected to the computer, I also used a strip of gold or silver paper as a reflective tool to bounce the soft box light back onto the front of the coin. It wasn’t an amazing success, but I was playing around and just wanted some basic images of coins. Myself and my photographer boyfriend disagreed a bit of style, he likes the coins to be photographed face on whereas I sometimes like a bit of coin edge in the photo by facing the coin away from the camera slightly, but either suits me. I haven’t got any of the actual digital photos exported yet but do have a few phone shots to show.

Photo 18-06-2015 2 56 15 pm Photo 18-06-2015 2 56 11 pm Photo 18-06-2015 2 29 37 pm Photo 18-06-2015 1 13 13 pm


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