Work Experience Day 5 and 6

As I write this, today is day 6 of work experience. Last week ended on a bit of a high note as I finally got to visit the Dennis Publishing building on Cleveland Street, this was so that I could get a look at our two little studios and be informed on what an assistant actually does as that will be my role next friday when one of the photographers is away.

Dennis Publish is a media publishing company created by Felix Dennis in 1974, originally set up with co-worker Dick Pountain together they made their first big mark on the industry with their illustrated biography ‘Bruce Lee: King of Kung-Fu’. They continued to create successful biographies and then launched their first consumer magazine in 1976. From then on, the business has grown despite the tragic loss of Felix Dennis in 2014.

My role at Dennis will be to assist the photographer with their shoots, so that means I help set up equipment such as soft boxes or reflective materials such as seen set up below. Photo 19-06-2015 4 37 36 pm Photo 19-06-2015 4 22 57 pm

Photo 19-06-2015 4 26 14 pm

Above is a panorama of the large studio of the two, this one is for any purpose whereas the smaller studio is for still life. As the panorama shows, we have pretty much everything we need in this one room, including soft boxes, overhead camera (camera being a Hasselblad)  and some forms for magazine jobs.

Photo 19-06-2015 4 25 05 pm

These forms are for retouchers, Bikes and Men’s Fitness but I think the corner form on the bottom right might be a form for Cycles. Bikes, Men’s Fitness and Cycles are all magazines that Dennis publishes and are the magazines that most often require the use of the studio. I can confirm this with the magazine companies and the photographers when I check the online calendar so I can inform/remind both of impending shoots.

To tell you the truth, I am bloody nervous about being an assistant and did warn my boss that for the first half of the day I will probably be useless as I am still very unconfident and constantly worried I will disappoint.

As I was walking to Dennis with my boss yesterday, we talked about how he got into Photography and what he believes in. It turns out we contrast a lot was he doesn’t really believe in the study of photographic theory whereas I do and I enjoy it a lot, but thats okay as difference makes the world turn I think. I also prefer Landscape photography whereas Danny doesn’t think there is much business to it, this is fair enough and I did point out that just because I prefer a style doesn’t mean I will exclude all other forms such as Portraits. I never want to be so limiting to myself. These talks we have are pretty eye opening sometimes, it seems that I am not destined for studio work however I am hopeful that completing my degree will lead me to other ventures such as Museum work.

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