Module Re-do

For the summer module re-do (or re-work) I have elected to work on my 152mc module, which I was somewhat happy with until I got the feedback and it was made glaringly obvious that some issues needed to be addressed.

  1.  “Required images demonstrate some skill with lighting, the still life in particular though is in need of more time and perhaps a refresher in controlled lighting. These images do not all relate to the topic explored at various times through the process – a missed opportunity not to expand the work produced.” – I believe my new idea to include more images of still life and some more intimate portraiture will solve this issue as I aim to make more use of different lighting techniques. My ideas are to photograph faces using the artificial night lighting such as TV screens or streetlights or use camera flash to highlight faces or body parts.
  2.  “The artist statement gives us something to look for but must be revisited and drastically reduced – the use of ‘human presence’ especially”- I aim to reduce the artist statement to give a hint as to the books purpose, but not give too much away. It’s a bit of a shame though as most people like the inclusion of human presence but perhaps that should be left for the audience to realise themselves.
  3. “Poor print quality”- I am not surprised, I only paid about £5 for it! Upon discussion with my fellow students, I discovered that the choice of printing company was not in fact even as good as our university printers. So in that case I will re-print elsewhere until I am satisfied.
  4.  “Consider the work of Hido who heavily influenced the work shown here – the images alone are interesting, beautiful even, but without informed statements, conversations and previous bodies of work it would not carry the same weight.”- I will add more information on why and how I was influenced, not just who by. I will be more definitive on what makes me tick. I could also be clearer on the decisions I made and why, such as why I did not go down a different route.

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