It’s SHIRLEY Baker!

Daily Mail Please Get Something Right!

I don’t know why it irritates me so much that the Daily Mail can’t write a decent Arts article, but it does. Firstly I had to correct them on her name being Shirley Baker, not Sheila. Sheila Baker is a Biochemist in Iowa, not a photographer.

Secondly, I see they’ve label her exhibition at the Photographers Gallery as primarily being about the last days of the slums before they were due to demolished and how health and safety didn’t exists. No, i’ve seen the exhibition and thats not the point. It is about the beauty of a female photographers post-war documentary style in the working-class Northern areas in which she lived, depicting the friendliness of neighbours having a casual catch-up and and the freedom of the children playing in the streets of the past. The beauty of a community which interacted with each other and even the photographer herself, Baker forming a bond with her young and old participants. Shirley Baker was an individual, her work is definitely worth seeing to admire for yourself at the ‘Women, Children and Loitering Men’ exhibition . That way you will see that DM can’t even do basic research into someones life work which deserves to be seen.

Rant Over. Thanks for listening.


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