Failure is not an option

Inspirational post that gives you something to think about!

Dayanita singh , Random thoughts on Photography, Art and being a soloist

My dear younger friends, the few that I have spent time with, you are so full of fear, so afraid of failure, you want to be guaranteed of success before you start something new, but what if I say there is no failure. That was not an option ever for me. I just did what I did, because I was obsessed by something, and even if it did not ‘work’ at the time I never deleted it, I knew it would become part of something else.I trusted the process. Its the process that I was interested in, not its end result. I also had no choice. I had to do what I was being led to. My Go Away Closer work is made entirely of what I considered ‘sideys’ at a certain time when I was pursuing more traditional ideas of series in Photography. Imagine if I had deleted all…

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