Module Re-Do

For my module re-do, I decided to do 152mc as it was the only module I felt needed improvement but  also didn’t realise we could re-do 150mc digitally so oh well never mind.

I assed the critique I was given and responded to the comments in a previous post. Most have been acted upon. The images I added to the photo book gave a more in depth twist to give emphasis on the mysterious of nightfalls, this inspiration was taken from one of my favourite photographers, Nan Goldin. She too used the subtle seduction of the night and the intimate use of flash photography to bring the narrative of night to light.

Carys Fyson-Final Photobook

I have supplied the PDF to show how it would have been printed but haven’t properly printed it as a test print confirms it is better quality however there is little point in printing it again.

I feel I could work on this re-do forever and still not be happy with it. I personally think its better to realise the mistakes you’ve made, learn from them and move on. A bit like life itself.


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