266MC: Task 1- Working with Light

For this task, we had to choose at least 3 photos from a selection of images Caroline gave us and re-make them as best as we could. I was in a group of 4 including myself.

I have little studio experience and wanted to ensure I gained more this year so I was pleased to see this was a task. It was fun setting up the equipment and arranging the angles of the lighting. However, it was apparent that group work is not always easy to work in if you aren’t on the same wavelength, then one person takes over everything and I felt like I had no job and didn’t learn as much as I wanted. But thats okay as me and other like minded people have decided to book the studio out ourselves, to try and get the experience on our own terms.

Here are the resulting images from the task with diagrams to show how they were set up.

Daniel Carys Vickie


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