2nd Year So Far


I thought i’d write a quick post to talk about my year so far, what i’ve been put to and what I am looking forward to.

Firstly i’d like to say a huge thank you to Daniel C. Blight from The Photographers gallery for coming to the university and teaching us throughout the Concepts and Approaches module, Daniel was professional yet still managed to give us the odd giggle. The 3,000 word essay for the module is going well, I think i’ve picked a good choice of concept to write about which I hope to post here when it is completed.

The Community, Culture and Identity module is going okay, I made some nice friends from Romania and I have the fortune of having Caroline Molloy as my module leader. Caroline makes everything fun and interesting! We’ve now started a site specific project which I am doing on London Road Cemetery, for this I am exploring the semiotics and objects of remembrance. It feels weirdly great to be doing sketchbook work again, there’s something about having a page to release my ideas and feelings that is so vital to the building of a project.

Professional experience is one of those module where you think you’ve got it’s purpose figured out, then you realise you don’t. In groups, we have to run an exhibition in February….just to show we can run one, the work itself isn’t important. Odd concept but I am totally up for this. My group is hosting an exhibition at The Tin in Coventry which is titled ‘Trace’. In terms of the actually professional work, myself and a fellow student photographed at the Great Birmingham Run for the Teenage Cancer Trust. I have also recently photographed at One Moorgate Place to produce some photographs for the marketing and events team. I will also be assisting Caroline who is teaching elderly migrants for her PHD.

It has been a very good first term back, I am enjoying the work so much despite the occasional issues (But who doesn’t get them!?)and my class are an amazing bunch of people. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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