Lighting Workshop with Bilton School

We have a new TV Studio!!!

Thats right, Coventry University is staying true to it’s name of modern university by transforming a former display area in The Hub to a brand new TV studio complete with green screen. This also means us photographers can use it if the Ellen Terry Studio is booked up and to be honest I just really want to channel my inner child and have a go at green screen, who knows it may be helpful for an Annie Leibovitz style photoshoot?

I actually got to use the studio on its first opening day, not for myself but to help give a workshop to the GCSE Photography students of Bilton School. Myself and 6 other students assisted our technician Jon Legge in running a workshop to teach the students about the way lighting effects portraiture and creates a certain atmosphere. After an introductory talk, the students were divided up into groups and then chose an area in the studio where we students were already standing with the lighting equipment. Myself and Jamie Clarke-Hogg partnered up to assist a group of 3 boys. Before getting started the groups had to choose 3 folded up pieces of paper from a hat, these contained key words the students would have to shoot their portrait style in. Our group picked out the words ‘insignificant’, ‘tall’ and ‘glamorous’. I was obviously excited at the word ‘glamorous’ as that meant they would have to pose in the style of celebrities such as David Beckham which I thought would be a laugh.


They did very well, got into the jokey spirit and of course we helped them get the best out their time by showing them different lighting styles. It was great fun meeting the students and is helping me prepare for a possible future job of teaching.

These are the 3 main images they produced to show their chosen words.


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