#Phonar: Task One-Sarah Palmer

In order to effectively study and replicate Palmers style, I must study her herself. Fingers crossed I get it all right.

  • Born in San Francisco
  • Currently living in Brooklyn, teaching photography at Parsons New School For Design
  • Has a BA in English/Italian from Vassar College in 1999
  • Also gained an MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in 2008.

As for her style of work, Palmer shows a keen interest in the boundaries of the real and the invented, defying normal image interpretation and taps into the viewers memory. Her work often presents the subjects as not literal representations but metaphorical ones. What I adore about Palmers practice is that she links her work to poetry and as a former A-Level English Literature student, I fully appreciate the linking of the two mediums.

Two of her works that i’ve taking to looking closely at is ‘As A Real House’ and ‘The Village Of Reason’. As A Real House explores remembrance, identity and invention as well as exploring scale, the possible and impossible.

The Village of Reason also explores identity and memory but also reason and resurrection.


©Sarah Palmer

One quote from Sarah Palmer that I think sums up her photography and has helped inspire me for this project is:

“This is a process of transformation, of transfiguration, an almost sacrilegious transubstantiation, the conversion of flesh and blood into the image and that image back into sculpture, and the object back into the photograph”

This has been my main motivation, I receive as much influence from quotes of real people as I do from poetry and prose.

This guided me to a few experiments, as I was really struggling to grasp Palmer. Slowly I have gained more respect for her practise as at the beginning I had a lot at frustration at being given an artistic photographer which is really not something I am aquatinted with, as it is just not my style. However, the various experiments I have created has been a refreshing new journey and as Gemma has advised us to do have fun with it then thats what I will do.

These are my creations so far.







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