#Phonar: Task Two Analysis

For task two, our class was given the option to expand on any of the tasks we’ve undertaken previously. I chose to expand upon and create a body of work relating to Christine Shanks ‘One-Hour Photo Task’ in the Photographer’s Playbook. I was disappointed in this original image from the task as I felt I wasn’t able to get the ideas in my head down in front of the camera, mostly due to the fact the object I had been given was coloured pipe cleaners and I felt my idea would be better represented by ribbons.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 15.06.51.png

Photo 26-04-2016, 1 23 35 pm.jpg

To help get started I made a simple mind map of ideas relating to my first image.I even got the ideas of friends involved for an outside opinion. I did some basic research into Shank’s work such as ‘Interiors’ and ‘Our First Year’ so as to gain an idea into why she created this task and how she may complete it, I found her photographic work to contain a lot of melancholy and voyeurism as well as traces of human life. Through this research and the subsequent mind map I produced, I was able to draw inspiration whilst still using my independent decisions to produce a concept.

Task 3 development

In the end I decided to go with my gut instinct and change my object type to ribbons, red and green to be exact. I decided on this, whilst completing the original task, as it made me think about them blowing in the leafless trees, giving it colour and taking away the dull. Adding colour to the landscapes through the use of these ribbons creates a renewed and rejuvenated appearance. So I will continue to explore this and hopefully produce a more effective outcome.



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