#Phonar: Task Two Rationale


Following on from my original task in #Phonar: Task 2 Analysis, I started pursuing a body of work that acts as an expansion of the task. In Phonar we are encouraged to interpret & adapt so I changed a couple of aspects of Christine Shank’s Playbook task such as the timeframe in which it should be completed. Ironically, despite it being title ‘One-Hour Photo Project’ I used the time of 2 weeks we’d been given to complete the task as it allowed me to try many different experimentations and take my project out of the house and expand the borders. I believe this allowed me to gain a greater sense of creativity and freedom.

The second adaption I made was that in the original task I received coloured pipe cleaners in my mystery package given by Gemma. Whilst using these to create the original single image, I thought that my concept would work better with an object that physically flowed more such as ribbons; so I used green and red coloured ribbons instead. Additionally instead of the singular image we created in the original task, we were required to create between 5 and 8 images. In the end, through much experimentation and elimination I created 7 total images.


The concept behind my images is that the use of objects within the image, such as the ribbons, adds colour to a dull and boring typical landscapes such as that of the domestic setting. I have then added a colour filter on top to further the transformation of the place, almost as if I have renewed it with new life.


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