#Phonar: Task Three Rationale

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 20.05.05

Task 3 was a somewhat enjoyable task when you’re without a time limit and can explore the concept more freely than most of the other tasks. However, I found what was strange about this task is that despite the fact that Frish Brandt set this task, titled ‘Step Out Of Your Shoes’ she essentially informed the reader to locate an artist they disliked and work in their style. So really having Brandt as the author wasn’t important to the work. I decided not create an Instagram post or compose a letter to her and instead focused on my chosen artist. This assignment was coincidentally sent to me days after verbally I criticised the work of an artist that a fellow photographer had shared on a forum, so felt it was appropriate to take on this persons work for this assignment. The artist in question is Jaime Alvarez; originally from Puerto Rico, he now lives in Philadelphia as a Photographer and Artist. After analysing his work online, I found his MtoN work particularly challenging to grasp and so immediately set about using any context I could gather on the work and Alvarez himself to produce my images. Although the task encourages me to visit a museum or library, I found I did not have the time to do so.

The two images I produced are my ways of signifying issues on sustainability of not just nature but also the human body, as I believe these leaves have visual representations of elements of the human body i.e brain, veins, ear. It creates a correlation between caring for nature and our own bodies. I created these images by simply placing a coloured sheet on a table, layering the object on top and using the camera flash ( I did not have studio access or my flash gun available) and found it worked reasonably well. I did this because it I was trying to imitate Alvarez style while still showing my individual contributions as an artist.

At the end of this task, we’re required to have a letter to the artist prepared. In my case, instead of communicating to Brandt, I feel I owe it to Alvarez as he is my source of inspiration. Below is a screenshot of my letter in a word document, underneath is how i’d ideally like to send it to Alvarez as a letter screwed up in a colour piece of paper. Some may criticise my decision to send it this way but I believe it both relates to my experimentation in the project and documents his themes of sustainability, perception and colour.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 15.55.16

C_Fyson T3S6_02.jpg


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