#Phonar-Task Four Rationale

Task Four centred around taking a previous task completed in our workshops and converting it into either audio or film (or both). I chose to select one element within Lucas Foglia’s Make It Seem task, specifically I chose to make something that is supposed to be sad seem beautiful. Instead of sticking to the theme of my original image, I decided to start afresh with a new object to translate into audio or video.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 14.23.02.png

At first, I went with what I’d consider the easier option and opted to try video. I started out attempting an alternate task which involves taking something happy and making it sad by filming a rose burning but it just wasn’t working out despite my experiments, it was too obvious a choice and didn’t have that deep impact I wanted. The next day I sat on my bed and looked around my room for inspiration, thats when I saw a leaflet on my bookshelf from Checkpoint Charlie I had pick up on a trip to Berlin earlier this year. I thought about how amazing that trip was but how sad it was to learn of its history. I took this and decided to find a way of filming it that would initially situate it as something happy until the camera panned to show the reality in it’s front cover. I produced a video, but again it just didn’t feel right. However it occurred to me during this process that the sound of the leaflet being flicked through was appealing and so only then considered the value of audio.

My next move was to take the leaflet outside and expose it to the wind as I noticed it was another day of a mix of sun, cloud and wind. I’d patiently stand with my iPhone recorder and wait for the wind to seize the leaflet as I held onto a single page. This took 3 attempts until I had a snippet of sound I was happy with. Then I selected this in Adobe Premier Pro and added a blank frame to make the listener question what they were hearing. This relates to my concept that I uploaded to Twitter and Vimeo with my audio.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 14.03.25.png


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