Task Five: Critical Rationale

Researching into Jock Sturges incredibly intimate photography has been both a delight, if not a slight stress on my imagination.  Sturges work is rich in the truth and beauty he sets out to embody through these personal portraits. This was the struggle for me, as although I have a growing interested in the nude genre, I didn’t feel I could quite realise this ambition in such a short timeframe. I also do not feel I know people willing to become a part of the project, so in future i’d like to re-do this task once I have the time to meet a subject and get to know them from scratch in order to produce the incredibly intimate work I am visualising.

What I was able to produce is these self-portraits and portraits of another subject to show the true beauty of being a woman in a modern day urban setting. This is devoid of sexualisation as Sturges contemplates truth and how it is being manipulated in the documentary ‘Line of Beauty and Grace’. I believe I am creating a sense of normality yet empowerment of the everyday woman, as we struggle to strive in a world that reduces us to sexual objects.

To complete this, I have composed a letter (or rather a postcard) to Jock Sturges in order to thank him for his inspiration that he has unknowingly gifted to me. Below is the front cover of the postcard and a screenshot of the contents.


The front cover comes from personal experimentation on self-exploration inspired by Sturges, where I spent some time alone to myself and allowed the camera to become a part of exploring the body. Below I have included examples of other experimentation that didn’t make the end project due to various reasons such as the apparent obviousness of it being staged. But despite this, they may have some merit if I was to take this use of staging and develop it more into something more along the lines of performance photography.


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