SlippersGeek: The Great ‘Outdoors’

Hi guys,

I haven been so exhausted from these last few days of my summer job that i’ve hardly had time to write, however i’ve still been able to find solace on those long days of travel with a good magazine. I’ve currently reading issue 208 of Outdoor Photography, a magazine I haven’t previously paid much attention to as I read magazines that are more about photography in general rather than a specific genre. But after a quick flick I liked what I saw and what I saw that I liked was an article titled ‘In Conversation with Kamil Tamiola’. The beautiful feature photo of mountaineers braving Mont Blanc indicated to me that the article was not something to be missed and it really wasn’t.

Photo 12-08-2016, 12 06 34 pm

This is genuinely a novel approach to extreme outdoor photography as Kamil doesn’t actually have any photographic education but rather has a physicist background as an academic researcher in the field of spectroscopy (the physics of light funnily enough), allowing him to bring about a new view on capturing subjects. He cleverly uses a combination of the reflective light at different angles to create stunning images. This results in some seriously impressive images that moves the soul and has the ability to warm the heart despite the freezing landscapes in front of you. The working practice described in this article is far too complex for me to go into on this blog post and I don’t want to give too much away as I really think this needs to be read by you yourself in order to enjoy its beauty.

If you have the time then check out Kamil Tamiola’s photography website ‘Alpine Photography’ as it really is a thing of beauty and I can’t help but feel this friendly vibe, especially if you explore the honesty of the FAQ section. Just from this new view, Kamil has had commissions from Facebook and Apple. The big cheeses. Definitely worth a check out :

To add to my already growing appreciation for this magazine, the front cover is simply breathtaking with its cloudy mountain vista, inside we get even more of a treat with various double spreads of enchanting woodlands and rocky mountains. Combine this with all the information every wildlife photographer or nature enthusiast could ever want, such as ideal wildlife walks and events. I’d like to also make a final mention to Steve Palmers terrific image of a Gall Midge on pages 8-9, its a beautiful image which deceives or confuses you at first until you fully see the image for what it is. Nice one Steve.

I have enjoyed my read of Outdoor Photography and can’t wait to buy another issue to read on a lazy day, i’ve already started recommending it to friends.




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