Why You Should Volunteer

Hello all!

So i’ve had another fantastic year donating my time and photography skills to the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Great Birmingham Run, the fundraisers are so vibrant and the runners are so dedicated. I’d like to say, before I continue, a massive congratulations to everyone that ran for their chosen charities. From the very first person who ran through the finish line to the very last.

So the reason I’m posting is because I think volunteering for charities is something we should all try at least once in our lives, I’m not expecting you to be able to volunteer every week or every month as I know how limited our free time can be but perhaps once a year you take a couple of hours or a day out to help others. I will outline my reasons why.

  1. You aren’t just helping a charity, you are helping a team of people who work tirelessly to support others and they do this up to 5 days a week. They’d be very appreciative of any help.
  2. It can be really good for your CV. Young or older, we’re always looking for that experience to add to our list of accomplishments. Participating in a children’s charity event or helping out at the shop may be the experience you need to show you are dedicated to getting that nursery job etc.
  3. It really is personally fulfilling to make a difference. Seriously, I shed a tear every time I help at the Birmingham run because it’s so beautiful how people from all different faiths and backgrounds come together to help ease the suffering of others.


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As you can see, i’m clearly passionate about helping others and I hope to continue being a support to the Teenage Cancer Trust wherever I am living. If you are interested in helping the Teenage Cancer Trust then please see their website https://www.teenagecancertrust.org  or if you are creative like me and want to use your skills to help then try https://fcancer.org/volunteer/dashboard


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