We Have A Situation, Coventry!- Calling all Coventry residents (who aren’t students)

Yesterday was the first day of a new project to add to Coventry’s growing reputation as a “City of Culture”. ‘We Have A Situation’ is a touring project run by cyber-performance artist Helen Varley Jamieson who will be working with a variety of people inside the university system that exists in Coventry and those outside of it. The project has previously toured in London, Rio and The Netherlands.

So far we’ve been met for two days and it’s been great, i’ve met some lovely people with whom we’ve shared a wealth of ideas and issues that related to Coventry. We’ve played with the UpStage programme that we will be performing on and are starting to get an idea of what questions we could ask. I must say now that the idea of the performance is NOT to answer these questions but to represent them and explore them further.

In order to create an accurate representation of Coventry, we especially need to focus on resident who have no association with the university. If you or anybody you know lives in Coventry and has no association with the university, please can you answer the following questions on the link below (it is anonymous)

  • What concerns you most as a resident of Coventry?
  • What, if anything, concerns you about the relationship between the university and the city?
  • What concerns do you think students have about their relationship with Coventry residents?



Thank you!



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