Task Five: Critical Rationale

Researching into Jock Sturges incredibly intimate photography has been both a delight, if not a slight stress on my imagination.  Sturges work is rich in the truth and beauty he sets out to embody through these personal portraits. This was the struggle for me, as although I have a growing interested in the nude genre, I didn't... Continue Reading →

#Phonar: Task Five-Critical Analysis

Jock Sturges is a Fine Art Photographer residing in Seattle, Washington but photographing in areas such as California, Ireland and France. Sturges task was a surprise, partly due to how his task doesn't have strong links with his style of work but was a welcome assignment due to my recent interested in the nude genre. His... Continue Reading →

#Phonar-Task Four Rationale

Task Four centred around taking a previous task completed in our workshops and converting it into either audio or film (or both). I chose to select one element within Lucas Foglia's Make It Seem task, specifically I chose to make something that is supposed to be sad seem beautiful. Instead of sticking to the theme of my... Continue Reading →

#Phonar: Task Three Rationale

Task 3 was a somewhat enjoyable task when you're without a time limit and can explore the concept more freely than most of the other tasks. However, I found what was strange about this task is that despite the fact that Frish Brandt set this task, titled 'Step Out Of Your Shoes' she essentially informed the reader... Continue Reading →

#Phonar: Task Two Rationale

  Following on from my original task in #Phonar: Task 2 Analysis, I started pursuing a body of work that acts as an expansion of the task. In Phonar we are encouraged to interpret & adapt so I changed a couple of aspects of Christine Shank's Playbook task such as the timeframe in which it should... Continue Reading →

#Phonar: Task Two Analysis

For task two, our class was given the option to expand on any of the tasks we've undertaken previously. I chose to expand upon and create a body of work relating to Christine Shanks 'One-Hour Photo Task' in the Photographer's Playbook. I was disappointed in this original image from the task as I felt I wasn't able... Continue Reading →

The Littlest Things

Sometimes the littlest things can remind you of your fondest memories, for me it was returning to my home in Hertfordshire that triggered this inner sort of childishness I turn to when I return home. As I walked the dogs in the field we've been wandering through for years, I was drawn to an old... Continue Reading →

#Phonar: Task One- Final piece

After my Sarah Palmer research, I experimented more than I ever have before. To summarise my task from the Photographers Playbook, I have to: Buy an object from a market study it make a series of 5 images that relate to the object if I get a creative block, photograph the object until I emerge... Continue Reading →

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